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Viatech AB

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Viatech AB founded in 2011 by the founders of Robin’s law firm in Sweden. The company act as operating bridge between Rabin law firm and other legal and investment institutions in the European Union is advising on financial and commercial investment and in cooperation with the best international legal institutes in Sweden and the European Union for micro and macro investors as a

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Rabin International Holding Law Firm

Rabin International Holding Group is registered Law Firm in Iran which is specialist in investment in the European Union, Canada and immigration affairs. Our group consists of educated professionals in investment and economy

Our Service

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Preparation of business and financial plans for obtaining micro and macro loans from European and Canadian banks

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اخذ پذیرش تحصیلی از دانشگاه های اروپا، کانادا و استرالیا


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انجام امور حقوقی مربوط به قراردادهای بین المللی و معاملات بین شرکت ها

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visa 1 300x300 - english homeاخذ ویزاهای کوتاه مدت و بلند مدت شینگن و مولتی کانادا


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اخذ اقامت اروپا و کانادا از طریق سرمایه گذاری،خرید ملک، ثبت شرکت و پیشنهاد کاری

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خرید املاک و مستغلات در اتحادیه اروپا و کانادا و انجام خدمات حقوقی مربوط به قراردادهای خرید و تایید اسناد ملکی آن


True & Trustable Immigration with Rabin Holding

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Receive Resident Permit Card


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Investment In European Union & Canada

Immigration with investment in Real Estate and Comapanies

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University Admission

European Union & Canada universities

Bachelor and Master Degree
High School
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Contact Us

  • آ Address: Iran-Tehran-Payambar Markazi-Motahari-No5

  • info@rabinholding.com

  • Phones : +98 21 26804599 - 26804569

  • Whats App : +98 939 898 8448 :